Sherwood Forest Golf Club

The Concannon Senior Open (55+)

Monday 1st July 2019, Yellow Tees, Sherwood Forest

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Results PointsCSS 73 (Visitors 73)
1st Peter Oliver(15) Wath upon Dearne Golf Club40
2nd Neil Kinghorn(1) Wakefield Golf Club38
3rd David Robert Lloyd(11) Kenilworth Golf Club38
4th Neil North(17) Cosby Golf Club38
5th Shaun Michael Towning(7) Hillsborough Golf Club37
6th Paul Watson(9) Enville Golf Club37
7th Ray Porritt(17) Howley Hall Golf Club36
8th Geoff Owen(7) Kenilworth Golf Club36
9th Martyn Goode(9) Scraptoft Golf Club36
10th Richard Rhodes(9) Wetherby Golf Club35
11th C Pilch(11) Coxmoor Golf Club35
12th Keith Rolling(9) Coxmoor Golf Club35
13th Chris Fawcett(9) Scraptoft Golf Club35
14th David Streets(7) Chesterfield Golf Club35
15th Phil Brown(12) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club35
16th J E Hill(14) Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club35
17th ROB POOLE(11) Greenway Hall Golf Club34
18th G Martin(9) Wortley Golf Club34
19th Andy Butler(13) Dore & Totley Golf Club34
20th JB Fulton(12) Woburn Golf Club34
21st G S Smith(10) Eaglescliffe & District Golf Club33
22nd Dave Phillimore(16) Elton Furze Golf Club33
23rd Neil Crees(9) Greetham Valley Golf Club33
24th Simon Lewis(10) Willesley Park Golf Club33
25th Ian Stevenson(8) Coxmoor Golf Club33
26th John Patrick RICKARD(8) Kedleston Park Golf Club33
27th Tom Murray(13) Kenilworth Golf Club32
28th Simon Woollaston(12) Enville Golf Club32
29th Chris Bradley(16) Lingdale Golf Club32
30th Ron Sloane(19) Astbury (Congleton) Golf Club32
31st Keith Jolly(14) Dore & Totley Golf Club32
32nd Christopher Wain(6)32
33rd John Upson(13) Willesley Park Golf Club31
34th Ian Anderson(5) Rothley Park Golf Club31
35th Malcolm Harry CHAPMAN(13) Kedleston Park Golf Club31
36th Chris Biggs(9) Cosby Golf Club31
37th Barry Hewitt(13) Wakefield Golf Club31
38th James Durrand(13)31
39th Paul Jewell(7) Ladbrook Park Golf Club31
40th P Adams(8) Lincoln Golf Club31
41st Paul Lowe(6) Scraptoft Golf Club30
42nd Andrew John KING(11) Penrith Golf Club30
43rd Mike Gregory(13) Willesley Park Golf Club30
44th Robert Bellm(6) Glen Gorse Golf Club30
45th Tim Barnby(5) Coventry Golf Club30
46th David Barnett(9) Notts Golf Club30
47th Stephen Barnett(12) Burghley Park Golf Club30
48th John Turner(3)30
49th Peter O'Nion(10) Cosby Golf Club30
50th Steve Wheelhouse(10) Howley Hall Golf Club30
51st Stephen Mason(2) Wakefield Golf Club30
52nd R T Cottrell(24) Kedleston Park Golf Club30
53rd Phil. A Couzens(11) Dore & Totley Golf Club30
54th Douglas Lythe(10) Abbeydale Golf Club30
55th Paul Dawson(11) Abbeydale Golf Club30
56th Andrew R Hunter(14) Sleaford Golf Club30
57th Graham Douglas Hayes(17) Ruddington Grange Golf Club30
58th Martin White(18) City of Coventry (Brandon Wood) GC29
59th Tony Jowle(10) Moseley Golf Club29
60th Derek Nightingale(14) Renishaw Park Golf Club29
61st Chris Harvey-Smith(13) Coventry Golf Club29
62nd Bob FLETCHER(10) Elton Furze Golf Club29
63rd Ray Slaney(16)29
64th Colin H WEBBER(19) Elton Furze Golf Club29
65th Dave Cort(5) Scraptoft Golf Club29
66th Grahame Castle(7) Northampton Golf Club29
67th M R Hoyland(6) Lees Hall Golf Club29
68th David Pope(12) Elton Furze Golf Club29
69th Jim Hind(15) Rotherham Golf Club28
70th Stuart Graves(6) Sleaford Golf Club28
71st Graham Rye(15) Bondhay Golf & Country Club28
72nd Gary Cooke(12) Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club28
73rd David O'Rourke(7) Ladbrook Park Golf Club28
74th Paul Banks(13) Dinsdale Spa Golf Club28
75th Kan ISHIKAWA(17) Kedleston Park Golf Club28
76th Barry Carding(12) Ullesthorpe Golf Club28
77th HJ Hosking(14) Longcliffe Golf Club28
78th David Bromhead(12) Coxmoor Golf Club28
79th David J Ross(12) Cosby Golf Club28
80th Mike Simpson(12)28
81st Michael P Morris(10) Kenilworth Golf Club28
82nd Mark Saxon(22) Hazel Grove Golf Club27
83rd Peter Collins(17) Gainsborough Golf Club27
84th GARRY EVANS(18) Nuneaton Golf Club27
85th Paul Humphries(5) Hallamshire Golf Club27
86th Frank Wain(22)27
87th Wayne Clarke(11) Scraptoft Golf Club27
88th Graham Saunt(18) Willesley Park Golf Club27
89th David Wilson(7) Hallamshire Golf Club27
90th Stuart McClure(11) Hallamshire Golf Club27
91st Bob Gardner(12)27
92nd Brian Draper(12) Elton Furze Golf Club27
93rd Trevor PIKE(14) Elton Furze Golf Club27
94th Neil Harris(9) Sleaford Golf Club27
95th Mike A Atkinson(11) Glen Gorse Golf Club26
96th Andrew Griffiths(20) Lingdale Golf Club26
97th Paul Skinner(12) Moseley Golf Club26
98th Martyn Savage(14)26
99th Peter Wynn(8) Glen Gorse Golf Club26
100th Robert Goodger(13) Winterfield Golf Club26
101st David F Stevens(21) Cosby Golf Club26
102nd Kenneth BURNS(16) Kedleston Park Golf Club26
103rd Richard Smith(22) Cosby Golf Club25
104th Laurie Byrne(12) Nuneaton Golf Club25
105th T Spencer(17) Chapel-en-le-Frith Golf Club25
106th J G Stephenson(7) Eaglescliffe & District Golf Club25
107th Ian Rose(14) Willesley Park Golf Club25
108th Ian Jameson(10) Glen Gorse Golf Club25
109th Peter Eyre(24)25
110th Howard William HOLLIDAY(6) Kedleston Park Golf Club25
111th Gerald Ellis(13)24
112th Richard Farrow(11) Scraptoft Golf Club24
113th Philip Colclough(10) Willesley Park Golf Club24
114th S Jackson(14) Dinsdale Spa Golf Club24
115th M Flinton(13) Coxmoor Golf Club24
116th Simon Gardner(14) South Winchester Golf Club24
117th J Clifford(22) Ruddington Grange Golf Club24
118th Richard Humber(20) Cosby Golf Club23
119th Richard Lightowler(14) Elton Furze Golf Club23
120th Peter BURGESS(17) Elton Furze Golf Club21
121st Graham Selby Pielow(8) Ladbrook Park Golf Club20
122nd DM Jordan(20) Longcliffe Golf Club18
123rd Henry Roger MASON(18) Kedleston Park Golf Club17
124th Paul Pateman(14) Oundle Golf Club12
DQ Peter Stoakley(16)DQ No Card Returned
DQ Gary Winship(7) Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf ClubDQ No Card Returned

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