Sherwood Forest Golf Club


Enjoy your golf at Sherwood Forest Golf Club and ensure fellow golfers do too by showing due respect to our championship, heathland course, clubhouse and to other golfers by following the traditional etiquette standards of the golfing world:

Our Heathland course is located in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Please help us to protect it by keeping trollies and buggies on the paths and fairways away from the Heather and Rough.

Please keep up with the game ahead, and if you fall behind, please pick up your pace of play to close this gap. If there is a faster group behind and space ahead, please let this group through.  Following groups should not push or intimidate the groups in front as this is often counterproductive.

Please repair all pitch marks correctly. Sherwood's greens can be quite firm, except after rain, so the mark may not always be fully apparent; please try to locate and repair all pitch marks.

Please rake all bunkers and leave them in a condition you would hope to play from and place the rake fully within the bunker, handle towards you and in the line of play after use (See photo below)

When sand/seed bags are available please collect one as you commence your round and repair any divots. If not available please replace the divot and stamp it down.

Sherwood Forest’s guide to maintaining the correct pace of play:

When unsure of the location of your ball, please take a provisional and note that the rules of golf now stipulate 3 minutes as the maximum search time after which your original ball is lost and no longer in play even if it is subsequently located.

Walk at a good pace between shots.

Be ready to play when it’s your turn and adopt the ‘ready golf’ procedure when it’s safe to do so.

Line up putts in advance of your turn when possible (without, of course, distracting playing partners)

Leave golf bags around the green in the correct place to move to the next tee, never at the front of a green.

Mark scorecards after you have left the green.

If unable to score in a Stableford event, please pick up your ball and record a No Return.

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