Sherwood Forest Golf Club

Visitors Terms and Conditions

1.)            All players must be members of a recognised golf club and possess a WHS handicap. Handicap certificates should be available for inspection, if requested.

2.)            On arrival all visitors must register at the Golf Shop. Tee times must be booked in advance. Golfers must play from the tees of the day unless prior permission has been granted.

3.)            Starting times/Tee reservations, as allocated must be strictly adhered to. When booking, parties should ensure that the tee reservations allocated allow sufficient time for the format of play to be used.

4.)            Players are expected to fully comply with the Rules and Etiquette of Golf, with particular regard to the speed of play, replacement of divots, repair of pitch marks and raking of bunkers etc.

  Every effort should be made to ensure that all players take no longer than 4 hours to complete 18 holes.

5.)            Payment for all green fees, catering and bar purchases must be settled on the day of the visit, unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance.

6.)            Numbers of players and numbers of those requiring meals must be notified and confirmed at least seven days in advance.  All numbers confirmed must be paid for in full.

7.)            Only if the course is closed for play, due to weather conditions, will cancellation of catering bookings be accepted on the day.

8.)             Mobile Phones/Tablets : All devices must be on silent at all times.  The making and receiving of calls in the bar/lounge areas is not permitted.  Mobile phones may be used on the course in emergency situations only.

9.)            In the event of the Course being Unplayable and Suspension of play due to lightning, bad weather or fog a klaxon will be sounded one prolonged note when lightning or bad weather conditions are detected within a 3 to 8 mile radius of the clubhouse.  When lightning has not been detected for a period of fifteen minutes, players will be informed by the klaxon being sounded twice. If fog descends and is deemed dangerous to continue play, the klaxon will be sounded as above. Organisers of visiting parties are required to ensure that all members of their party are made aware of the above information and agree appropriate action for their party.

10.)          Course Closed due to Fog: The Course will be closed for play if the bunker on the right hand side of the 1st hole is not visible from the gent’s first tee. As soon as the fog lifts the course will immediately re-open.

11.)          Buggies: Visitors are allowed to bring their own buggies to SFGC by prior arrangement. It is, however, a condition that owners should be able to provide insurance documents if requested. Additionally, SFGC has a small number of buggies and electric trollies available for hire, by booking in advance. Players are requested to keep to designated pathways. Please do not take trollies or buggies into areas of heather.

12.)          Winter Golf: Please note for the protection of the fairways, during winter conditions, most or all fairways where a ball comes to rest within the area marked with a white line the player must play their next shot from a mat.  Mats can be bought from our Professional shop but players may choose to collect one from the bin by the 1st tee and return it to the bin by the 18th green or alternatively provide one of their own.  Please note that in order to protect the course further areas may be identified over the winter if the greens staff feel this is necessary.

In addition, please do not take trolleys inside the areas marked around greens.

Temporary greens that are not in use on the day should be treated as wrong greens so relief must be taken within one club length from nearest point of complete relief and not nearer the hole.

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